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Camp Overview

Camp Ministry

With the successful established principle to create an athletic environment that produces spiritual transformation in the lives of coaches and athletes in a camp setting, FCA Camp takes the best attributes of an athletic-focused camp and a spiritual-focused camp and combines them into an athletic/spiritual experience like none other. FCA Camp removes athletes and coaches from the rut and routine of their sport, friends/co-workers and community and places them into an exciting, healthy, athletic environment that allows them to pursue their passion for sport and clearly see and hear the Christ’s passion for them.

2017 Camp Theme

“I will know that you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News.” 
Philippians 1:27

The Power of One.

One passion, one purpose and one goal can drive an athlete, coach or team to be their very best.

The Impact of One.

One player, one play, and one game-changing moment can transform the course of competition and bring victory.

Everything comes down to One.

There is power in One Gospel. There is power in One Truth. And there is power in our One Great God who transforms hearts and brings victory in our lives. As Christian athletes, when we stand together with one passion, one power, and one purpose, there is great impact!

Let’s stand together as One!

Daily Themes

Meeting 1 — One Passion
Meeting 2 — One Pain
Meeting 3 — One Power
Meeting 4 — One Purpose


Sports Camp

Sports Camps are for athletes and coaches who want to develop their athletic skills. Outstanding instruction, skill development and intense competition trains the total athlete - mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Leadership Camp

Leadership Camps are for student-athletes and volunteers. The camp focuses on teaching practical skills for Christian growth and biblical leadership, the development of an effective leader and the training of tools for use in ministry.