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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Reon Tay

National Director

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Reon grew up in a Taoist/Buddhist family. At a young age, he helped his grandfather who is a medium, and attended temple services with his grandmother. He received Christ through reading "The Gospel according to John" which is left at his doorstep at the age of 12 but was left without proper follow-up and no spiritual growth.

In Secondary School (Middle School), Reon was invited to several Singapore Youth for Christ activities by his basketball coach and was finally converted during one of the camps. His faith was established with proper follow-up in SYFC and he was well equipped through service in the Youth Fellowship in Bethesda Serangoon Church.

After graduating from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering (Honors), Reon felt the calling from God to go into full-time sports ministry. Eventually, after working for three years, and volunteering with the Sports and Adventure Ministry in Singapore Youth for Christ, he heeded God's call and went into full-time ministry in 2006 through sports coaching, the medium through which he was brought to Christ!

In 2008, Reon was blessed with a wonderful wife, Rosemary, and their son Joash (2011) and daughter Danielle (2014) brings them great joy.

Reon was first introduced to Fellowship of Christian Athletes in 2009. Being able to identify strongly with the Vision and Mission of FCA, coupled with the strong belief in the Ministries (4 Cs) of FCA, he has brought FCA to Singapore and has been actively supporting and partnering various ministries with the wealth of resources available in FCA.

Ever since his appointment as National Director in FCA Singapore in 2010, Reon has seen God's faithfulness and blessing through the ministries in FCA, constantly learning and growing in understanding and love for God. He believes strongly in the impact that FCA can bring to the coaches and athletes in Singapore and looks forward to see God's mighty hand at work in the lives of these people.

Esther Mok

Camps Director

Contact Esther:

Esther was born and raised in a Christian family. However, she drifted away from the Lord in her teenage years. Her priorities in life back then were studies, table-tennis and friends.

After graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Multimedia Software Engineering (Merit), she continued to pursue a part-time Degree in Information Technology, while working in a multimedia software company. In 2002, Esther chanced upon an advertisement hiring flight attendants. Wishing to fulfil her childhood dream of flying, she applied for the position and eventually entered the airline industry.

God was not really in the picture all this time when everything in Esther’s life seemed to be smooth-sailing. A sudden change of events in 2003 changed her entire life. Her parents passed away. Esther had turned to God earlier, pleading Him not to take her parents away. She even promised to return to God if He healed her parents, but things did not turn out the way she wanted. The crisis left her angry and bitter with God.

In Nov 2003, an initially awkward trip to Philippines for a Youth Expedition Project turned out to be a divine plan by the Lord. There, Esther was touched by the very God she was bitter with. Finally, she made the decision to reconcile with God and accept Him into her life again.

From then on, things were never the same again. Esther began her walk with God. God provided her with a job she had never dreamt of at The Salvation Army. Using sports as a tool to reach out to youth, she relived her passion in sports and discovered her love for youth. God also presented her opportunities to pick up tchoukball, representing Singapore in various tournaments.

In 2006, Esther was blessed with a loving and supportive husband, Kendrick. Together, they coach a tchoukball team, ThrillBlazors, in their neighbourhood.

In Dec 2012, Esther sensed the calling of God to serve full-time with FCA Singapore. She hopes to use the gift God has given her in sports to serve the people she comes into contact with. At the same time, Esther is also embarking on an adventure to deepen her faith in God.

John Wong

Campus Director

Contact John:

John grew up in a Buddhist family. Though his whole family are Buddhists, he chose to be a free-thinker. He came to know Christ at the age of 17 when his teacher invited him to her church. Because he felt the Lord guiding him to somewhere, he started to visit some other churches on his own. Finally, the Lord touched him at the Church of Christ the King. He received Christ there, got baptised and started serving as a choir member.

In 2001, his family was struck by a crisis. His mum passed away, and his father left the family for another woman. After that, he never went back to church again. Initially, he was angry with God. However, after some time, he started to feel guilty and feared returning to God.

In 2006, John was tasked to support the communication systems for the National Day Parade. During that long period of National Day Parade preparation, God used the people around him to reach out to him. Eventually, John was touched by the mercy and grace of God that he went back to church and started serving in Changi Methodist Church. Since then, God has guided John and exposed him to various ministries in his church.

In 2010, John was blessed with a beautiful and understanding wife, Alethea Chiam. In 2011, God blessed him with a son and he named him Christian. In 2013, God blessed the family with another son, Noel. In 2015, God was gracious to him and gave him another son, Asher.

In 2015, John faced another trial. He suffered from piles and received 6 surgeries which resulted in him staying in the hospital for 17 days. He almost died. It was then he made up his mind to answer God’s calling to reach out to the youth. In January 2016, he left his job, his old life and went into full-time sports ministry with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Since then, each day has been an amazing adventure for him. He has seen and continues to see how God works His miracles in FCA.

He strongly believes that through sport God will build His church and unite His people. With that belief, he continues to serve in FCA looking forward for that day to come.